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WOD #2


WOD #2

12 Minute AMRAP

10 Deadlift

20 Dumbell Snatch

30 Air Squats

40 Kettlebell Swings

50 Double Unders

If 50 Double Unders are completed, work back up the ladder starting with 40 Kettlebell swings.  If 10 Deadlift are completed for a 2nd time, work back down ladder starting with 20 Dumbbell snatch.  

Deadlift:  This is a traditional deadlift with the hands outside the knees. Sumo deadlifts are not allowed.  Starting with the barbell on the floor, the athlete lifts the bar until the hips and knees reach full extension, and the head and shoulders are behind the bar. The arms must be straight throughout. No bouncing. 

Dumbbell Snatch:  The dumbbell snatch starts with the dumbbell on the ground and finishes with the dumbbell directly overhead.  At the bottom of the movement, BOTH heads of the dumbbell must touch the ground.  The dumbbell must be lifted overhead in one motion.  Touch and go is permitted.  Bouncing the dumbbell is not allowed.  Athletes must alternate arms after each repetition and may not alternate until a successful rep is achieved.  The non lifting hand and arm may not be in contact with the body during the repetition.  At the top, the arms, hips, and knees must be fully locked out with the dumbbell clearly over the middle of the athlete’s body when viewed from profile.  Once the athlete has reached lockout, the repetition will count.  The athlete may choose to do a split style snatch.  However, both feet must return and be in line under the athletes’s body while the dumbbell is locked out overhead for the repetition to count.  Alternating of hands must occur below level of the eye.  

Air Squat:  Top position is obtained when shoulders are over hips and hips are over ankles and open.  Bottom position is obtained when hip crease is below top of knee.  You must obtain depth at the bottom and full extension at the top.  

Kettlebell Swing:  Kettlebell swing is an American swing where elbows must be locked out at top of swing and kettlebell must be fully inverted.  In the bottom position the kettlebell passes between the thighs.  

Double Unders: This is a standard double-under in which the rope passes twice for each jump. Rope must travel in the forward direction.  

Rx Men (35-49) Rx Men (50+)

255# DL 185# DL

50# DB 35# DB

53# KB 35# KB

Rx Women (35-49) Rx Women (50+)

175# DL 125# DL

35# DB 20# DB 

35# KB 26# KB

Scaled Men (35-49) Scaled Men (50+)

185# DL 135# DL

35# DB 20# DB

35# KB 26# KB

100 Singles 100 Singles

Scaled Women (35-49) Scaled Women (50+)

125# DL 105# DL

20# DB 20# DB

26# KB 26# KB

100 Singles 100 Singles

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