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Pose Running


Our Basic Pose running camp is a comprehensive 8 week camp with its main focus on teaching the POSE method of running. The Pose method is a scientific based style of running and it serves to improve your running through efficiency.

Unlike most running forms, POSE running will dramatically reduce the occurrence of running related injuries. Another added benefit is the improvement of Speed and Endurance.

Basic Camp Details

  • 8 Week Camp
  • Filming the 1st and last week of camp.
  • Weekly POSE running drills and WOD including correction to form and technique.
  • Lean to run hills properly and without pain.
  • Learn efficiency.
  • Attendance required only once per week.
  • Learn the only true efficient way of running, fast or slow. No experience required.
  • The 1st and last week are approx 2-3 hours in length to allow for filming, analysis and discussion.
  • Also includes a metronome for all athletes.
  • $165 (CrossFit 817 Members)
  • $195 (Non-Members)

Days and Hours

  • Wednesdays @ 6:30pm 75 minutes
  • Saturdays @ TBA
  • Additional days will be available on a weekly basis as needed.

Advanced Camp Details

  • Must complete Basic 8 Week Camp.
  • Weekly running workouts.
  • All drills reviewed weekly for proficiency.
  • Workouts include: Tempo, Intervals, Race Pace, Time Trials.
  • Single sport or multi sport athletes.
  • Must attend either GPP or Endurance CrossFit Programming.
  • $49 (2 month minimum)

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