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Established 2009
The 24 Day Challenge with CrossFit 817
Take the 24 Day Challenge and:
  • Jumpstart your weight loss! 
  • Break through a plateau!
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4 Whys
of the 24 Day Challenge

Something for Everyone!
  • Weight management
  • Energy
  • Overall body composition
  • Overall wellness
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Sustainable Nutrition
  • Keep the weight off in a sustainable way.
  • Learn to eat "cleanly" in your everyday life.
  • No more diet "roller coaster".
  • Simple to understand and implement.
  • Develop solid nutrition "Habits"!
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Scientifically Proven!
  • Prestigious Scientific & Medical Advisory Board.
  • Informed Choice tested.
  • Manufactured in "Good Manufacturing Practice" facilities.
  • Pharmaceutical or USP grade vitamins & minerals.
  • No "Fad" ingredients.
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Powerful Endorsers / Proven Success Stories
  • Hundreds of professional athletes, coaches, entertainers and world champions are fueled by AdvoCare products.
  • Thousands of transformation success stories
  • A proven support team from CrossFit 817.
  • Endorsers that are not paid cash for their endorsements.
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