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An Official USAW Club
Established 2009
At CrossFit 817 we take your Wellness, Fitness and Performance very seriously. Our Fundamentals program is uniquely geared to prepare you for all the comprehensive programs we offer. 

Our Fundamentals staff has thousands of hours of experience in coaching CrossFit and it shows in how well prepared you will feel and the confidence you will gain.

What is the purpose of our Fundamentals Course?

  • Safety. We want you to understand how to participate in CrossFit workouts safely and with confidence.
  • Certain methods and techniques for proper use of equipment such as kettle bells, medicine balls, weighted barbells, rowers and more are taught in our Fundamentals course. In addition, you will learn proper form for body weight movements such as squats, push-ups, sit-ups and more.
  • Fundamentals is a REQUIREMENT for all of those new to CrossFit. Each Fundamentals course offers proper instruction and training to prepare you for a safe and effective CrossFit experience.
The Difference

  • 6 classes of CrossFit instruction from a Fundamentals coach (Allow 90 minutes for each Fundamentals class. You will have a workout incorporated with each class.) 
  • Unlimited CrossFit 817 classes for the rest of the month after you have graduated from Fundamentals classes.  Once the month is over, you then only pay $129 for each month thereafter for unlimited classes. (Autopay required for $129 rate.  Can be changed or cancelled at anytime with no penalty.)
​How to prepare for your first visit.

  • Eat well and be well hydrated
  • Be prepared to workout, bring a water container and feel free to bring a towel.
  • If you are getting started with us on the first day of the new cycle of fundamentals, it is imperative that you RSVP for a class time. However if you are attending the Saturday trial class, just feel free to show up!

Schedule - Next Fundamentals begins Tuesday, July 5th.

Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday with the class time choice of:

7:00 a.m., or 6:30 p.m.

Current Cycle
  • ​Class 1: Mon, June 20th
  • Class 2: Tues, June 21st
  • Class 3: Thurs, June 23rd
  • Class 4: Mon, June 27th
  • Class 5: Tues, June 28th
  • Class 6: Thurs, June 30th

Next Cycle 

  • Class 1: Tues, July 5th
  • Class 2: Wed, July 6th
  • Class 3: Thurs, July 7th
  • Class 4: Mon, July 11th
  • Class 5: Tues, July 12th
  • Class 6: Thurs, July 14th

Although we try to be flexible with the schedule, please keep in mind we cannot always accommodate for non-scheduled class times. If you feel you cannot commit to and attend AT LEAST five out of the six classes you may need to wait until the next cycle to start the course.

We require an RSVP for the first class of the cycle so we know how many people to expect. The only exception are the Saturday Trial Classes
Are you ready to get started??! Contact us and we will email you the steps to begin and a link to pay online.

Payment must be arranged before scheduling 1st class. 

Saturday Free Trial Class 10:30 a.m.

If you attend the free trial class on Saturdays, you will be given a brief explanation of CrossFit and be taken through some very basic CrossFit (body weight) movements as well as a workout. 

Because it is a trial class, we do not go into the complex movements yet give you a taste of what it is all about.

At the end of your trial class, you can discuss with your coach if you would like to get started with our next fundamentals cycle.

You do not need to RSVP for the free Saturday class however, if you cannot attend the trial class on Saturday, contact us to arrange other possible options.

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Payment must be received before you RSVP for 1st class.